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The Forget-Me-Not Fields

Stable Journal
Breeding, Sales and Affiliates rules
Template for HARPGThe Forget-Me-Not Fields
Show Name: Forget-Me-Not Fields 
Call name: 
Breeder: ~  Nixxily
Owner: ~  Nixxily
Magic and abilities:
Breeding info:
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown

FmnF's Wishlist and Present DonationHi! :D
:new: Hi people! I wanted to let you know, I'm horribly late with my gifts ^^; I've uploaded the ones I've finished, but most of my list is unfinished! So! I will upload them with I finish them ;p Lots of people got gifts upcoming from me! :D
:new::new: It's probably going to take really long ... I don't know what's wrong with my laptop, but he's suddenly refusing to let my tablet run, along with some other defects, such as suddenly freezing. Each BG is drawn with SAI Paint Tools and my tablet, and my ICT-brother says the only solution to fix my laptop is to re-install windows...
Along with that, my new (expensive) drawingpencil that is just 2 weeks old, just died. I can't get ink out of it no matter what I try. So, things will be slowing down ... a lot ..
I've been seeing quite a few of these pop up, and I realized it's not a bad idea. (Especially after Carousel-Stables's wishlist)
--Art of any of my chars! I love seeing them in different styles, and most o

WARNING: HARPG Oldtimer. Breeding pictures required here.
Stamp - HARPG Member by HorsepointHARPG stamp by emerald-equine

:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue: Affiliates :bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue:

MiraeChaos's Crimson Feather Stables
nerwen-wilwarin's GA-Stables
DragonPud's CaerDraegyn
Xunau66 BlueGrass Meadows
Ookamigirl00 Silver Hidden Wolf Stables
Scutterland ShatteredRoseStables

i survived 2009 by NewAgeStablesi survived 2010 by NewAgeStablesi survived 2011 by NewAgeStablesi survived 2012 by MissDudettei survived 2013 by MissDudette

My Shows

Everlasting Events: Open ClassesWelcome to the Everlasting Events: Open Classes!
These classes are open to all creatures to enter freely, and no separate classes will be made unless 1 breed has more then 5 entries!
Classes will be rolled every 3 entries, or every 2 weeks. Everyone will get a placing.
Rolled with RNG but extra effort (animation, full body, backgrounds) will make your roll smaller.
headshot: rolled from 1-100
Partial body: rolled from 20-100
Fullbody: rolled from 30-100
+simple Background: Increases minimum roll with 20
+detailed Background: Increases minimum roll with 30
+small Animation: Increases minimum roll with 15
+big Animation: Increases minimum roll with 30
+RP small  story: Increases minimum roll with 15
+RP big story: Increases minimum roll with 30
-a headshot with an eyeblink & ear movement (big) would be rolled from 31-100
-partial body with a detailed background and an eyeblink would be rolled from 65-100
- a fullbody with an eyeblink (small) and simple background w
HA-FD: Rolling ContestsHA-FD stands for Horse Art - Forgotten Disciplines! 
Trough it's called Horse Art, it quickly expanded to other creatures! 
I'm going to chance things a little bit here! Please read trough it!
:bulletgreen: Judging :bulletgreen:
-No extra images. 
-You will be judged by 2 judges (Usually a shifting role between volunteers) will be giving you points.
-You will given give 10 points for effort and 10 for appearance (if it looks nice you get points) & 10 random points, bringing the total points you can score to 50.
-Teams will be judged as teams, combat/ranked shows will be judged as such.
-Only visible team members can claim points.
-Collabs allowed, above lines applied. 
Judges; Nixxily, DragonPud, & RoseThornStables and any volunteers are very welcome!
:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue:
-You may enter as many creatures as you wish - but know only 1 image per creature will be counted and judged. 
-You may ente

Everlasting and Rolling ShowsA
All-Warhorses' Ongoing Warhorse Show
BOE On-Going RNG Effort Show - OPEN
The CRE Eternal Schooling Show | UPDATED
Castle's Liberty Mini-Show  |  RNG

Devils gate RNG show
Eagle Creek's OnGoing MiniShow
Everlasting Events: Open Classes
Frostback-EQC Ongoing RNG Show

HA-FD: Rolling Contests
HARPG-URAssociation , monthly races *registration required*
Illoria's Inde

Discipline explanation

Discipline Explanation List: Gymkhana:bulletwhite:  English Riding: Dressage, Endurance, Eventing & Show Jumping
:bulletwhite: Western - Not written yet
:bulletwhite: Racing -Not written yet
:bulletwhite:  Sports on Horses: Horseback Archery, Polo, Jousting, Horseball, Polocrosse
:bulletwhite:  Fantasy Disciplines, such as power showoff, elemental classes, ...
:bulletwhite: You're here!: Western or English Playday events; Gymkhana
Western or English Playday events, sometimes reffered to as Gymkhana or Mounted Games in England and parts of Eastern North America or O-Mok-See, the Blackfeet Native American for "Horse Games," in the West, are a collection of obstacle courses, relay races, and other fun events of skill that test both the rider and the horse.
:bulletwhite:Boot Race: On horse, the rider runs to a pair of boots, dismount, put on thei
Disciplines Explanation List: Harness Disciplines:bulletwhite:  English Riding: Dressage, Endurance, Eventing & Show Jumping
:bulletwhite: Western - Not written yet
:bulletwhite: Racing -Not written yet
:bulletwhite:  Sports on Horses: Horseback Archery, Polo, Jousting, Horseball, Polocrosse
:bulletwhite:  Fantasy Disciplines, such as power showoff, elemental classes, ...
:bulletwhite:  Western or English Playday events; Gymkhana
:bulletwhite: You're here!: Harness Disciplines
Please give lantairvlea a huge round of applause for doing these tuts for us!
The Parade or Pulling harness, the Draft Horse Harness, and the Pleasure Driving Halter!

Discipline explanation list: Sports on Horses:bulletwhite:  English Riding: Dressage, Endurance, Eventing & Show Jumping You're here!
:bulletwhite: Western - Not written yet
:bulletwhite: Racing -Not written yet
:bulletwhite:  Sports on Horses: Horseback Archery, Polo, Jousting, Horseball, Polocrosse
:bulletwhite:  Fantasy Disciplines, such as power showoff, elemental classes, ...
:bulletwhite:  Western or English Playday events; Gymkhana
:bulletwhite:  Harness Disciplines 
Most of these disciplines are a part of English Riding.
Here you can find: Horseback archery, Horseball, Jousting, Polo, Polocrosse, Trekking, Dzhigit, Competitive Trail 
:bulletblue: Horseback archery:bulletblue:
Discipline Explanation List: Fantasy Disciplines:bulletwhite: English Riding: Dressage, Endurance, Eventing & Show Jumping
:bulletwhite: Western - Not written yet
:bulletwhite: Racing -Not written yet
:bulletwhite: Sports on Horses: Horseback Archery, Polo, Jousting, Horseball, Polocrosse
:bulletwhite: You're here! Fantasy Disciplines, such as power showoff, elemental classes, ...
:bulletwhite: Western or English Playday events; Gymkhana
These disciplines are 'fantasy'. They are specially made for pegasus, unicorns, or other paranormal horses.
:bulletblue: Air competitions :bulletblue:
Air Competitions refers to all competitions in the Air. So, horses that can fly, usually Pegasus.
Also see; FlyingCreatures-ARPG, Thuas & HArpg-WHA
:bulletpink: Air Racing: Several types of races exist. Air Endurance (flying on stamina), Short Air Races (focus on speed), ... All kinds of racing can be done in air. The point is to reach the f
English Riding / DisciplinesHi! Since the poll I put up only needed 5 minutes to get 6 votes "we need discipline guides" I figured I give this a shot right away. Feel free to comment to add things ect, but please be polite about it. I'm only human, I make mistakes.
SO! Let's start!
:new: 10/07/2013 - I think it's more or less finished. Remember, this isn't supposed to be a detailed guide but one to give people a general idea over what the disciplines are and what the goals are!
Also, if I used a thumb that features your art/tutorial/whatever, and you don't like it, just tell me and please be polite about it. Be happy, not angry ;p I don't claim them in any way; I simply think they're beautiful and are great examples of what I'm trying to explain! It's a free feature!
:bulletwhite:You're here!:  English Riding: Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Show Jumping & Cross Country
:bulletwhite: Western - Not written yet
:bulletwhite: Racing -Not written yet
:bulletwhite:  Sports


My Wishlist



Dark S Haruko 2962AS by SheduMaster DarK's Haruko 2962AS
Art images: 1/5

Darks The Grand Masquerade 930 by SheduMasterDarKs The Grand Masquerade 930
Art images: 1/5

~Animal Groups~
~Horse Registry Groups~
~Horse Color/Marking/Breed Groups~
~RP Groups~
~Discipline Groups~



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Does anyone want a fawn out of Sila and Falakee? 

10 deviants said Yes! I do!
5 deviants said No! I don't!
4 deviants said I don't play fawnlings!

FmnF's Birthday Freestyle 2016!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 6:39 AM

So the 6th of October is my birthday!
Get your horses, shedu's, tokota's, dogs, fawnlings, birds, cows and whatever else you got, because everyone may enter!

In this freestyle show, you can enter what you want.
Do you want to make a beautiful Pas De Deux with a shedu and horse? Go for it!
A decorated halter entry? Perfect!
Jumping with flair? Impressive Trekking? Air Agility? LightNight Herding?
Be creative!

The colors of my stable - blue&purple, with a touch of yellow!
The colors of my country (Belgium) 
Belgium Grunge Flag by think0

You will have several Area's to show off in!
A sand area, with white fences, and a forest and a buildings in the background!
A grass area, no real fences, with a forest and lake in the background!
And yes, you can re-use your background - as long as you made it. Photomanips welcome!
You can collab!

Entries that are team effort will be judged as team and all receive the same placing! 

Shayla-Estate  is looking for a collab partner!

Ribbons I'll be designing for his show especially. You will get a participation ribbon too.
A cup for the winner (designed by me)
and the first place gets a 1 fullbody request +1breeding to any of my creatures in HARPG.
2end gets 1 Headshot request +1breeding to any of my creatures in HARPG.
third gets 1 breeding to any of my creatures in HARPG.

And yes, you can ask for animation ^^

It's my birthday so please keep it fun! :D
Feel free to donate prices if you want! 


Bouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreBouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreBouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreBouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreBouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreBouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreBouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreBouncin' Flower (Sky Blue) - F2U by Drache-Lehre


Having way to many moodswings lately. 
Should see another doctor but money ... so sorry if I'm moody but can't afford more doctors.
I don't feel well.
I feel like wanting to be pampered, to go on an online shopping spree to feel better.
Do not panic .. Do not panic ..
Dante threw up and his gums are really pale.
In shock.
My parent's neighbors, friends of the family.. just came to tell us Florine is dead.
She was hit by a tractor last night.
She was healthy and a sweet dog. 
We miss you Florine ...
Florine Stock 1 by Nixly
Fever, Fever, Fever, go away! No? I can try to call Beetlejuice, but that won't make you go away xD



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